This software is not for sale, if you paid for this software you have been scammed.
Please link to this page instead of redistributing on your site.
DSiWareHaxInj v1.1
The DSiWareHaxInj archive, Sudokuhax, Grtpwn, Exidiahax, and Fieldrunhax are copyright (C) 2010-2011 Team Twiizers
All rights reserved. You may not sell or redistribute this software.

The list of target DSiWare which can have exploits injected with this client software is available here.
Report issues with the server/client or the dsiware exploits to the hackmii tracker.

EA patched Sudoku, the exploited DSiWare, for both EUR/AU and USA. Sudokuhax is dead for this new version.
DSi system update 1.4.2 blocks copying DSiWare exploits to "internal memory".