BootMii Installation

BootMii installation is a breeze, if you are already capable of running Homebrew. In any case we recommend launching the BootMii Installer through the Homebrew Channel if you are already capable of running homebrew.

People who don't have the Homebrew Channel on theirs wii yet can use either the Twilight Hack or BannerBomb to launch our newly designed installer. We won't be describing these methods in detail here, read the respective documentation yourself to figure out that part.

The new installer has been revamped a bit in comparison to our old installers, and is actually not just an installer for BootMii, but will also allow you to install The Homebrew Channel and DVDX. So if you don't have the Homebrew Channel or DVDx yet, you can use above mentioned exploits and our single all-in-one installer to install everything in one go.

After launching the installer, just follow the instructions on screen and you should be good to go within a minute or two.

If you are unsure what specific installation profiles/methods mean, make sure to clue yourself in by reading the About page.

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