About Bootmii

BootMii is a set of software that can be installed on Nintendo Wii© consoles to provide added functionality, safety and convenience.

BootMii for Users:

BootMii is a piece of software that can be installed as an IOS or inserted into the boot process. As an IOS, it provides a fast way to back up your Wii's internal NAND flash memory, and will eventually form the basis of a new generation of homebrew applications for the Wii. Inserted into the boot process, BootMii provides you with a "safety net" -- you can back up your entire Wii to SD in under three minutes! If you were to brick your Wii, BootMii would still run and let you restore your backup from SD, quickly and painlessly. BootMii also allows you to directly boot The Homebrew Channel or other homebrew from SD, bypassing the "warning screen" and the rest of the menu.


You will have full access to both processors inside the Wii, and can inject code anywhere into the boot process. Want to write your own system menu? Stick it on your SD card and boot it. BootMii is powered by USBGecko -- as with the Homebrew Channel before it, you can upload code and run it via USBGecko. With BootMii, you can upload code to either processor a few seconds after poweron.

Get BootMii!

The BootMii Installer will always be available for free for download and personal use on our Downloads page. Parts of BootMii are open-source software, and will be available from our public git repository once we're done setting it up.

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